hi everyone! so this week has been a little bit crazy! so it all started when on tuesday one of the members in our ward told us that theres gonna be a storm on wadnesday, this information was filled away and we thought, theyre probably just over reacting! aaannnyyway the next day i was in the chapel in the mission office when all the power went out and it started to rain, hard. For everyone not familiar with the normal climate of this part of argentina, its very very dry here most of the time. in the first four hours of rain, it rained more than it normally rains in four years. this means that the city turned into a bunch of fast flowing dangerous rivers! so when this started all the missionaries ran outside to see that 5 or 6 cars were getting carried down the street behind the church. So after a long wait we were able to get everyone back to their houses without any incidents and then we were told to stay inside until next notified. That next morning on thursday we got a call from a recent convert who lives a block away that told us that his house was floding and needed help. So elder miner and i decided to leave the penison to go and help clear out all the water, and there was a LOT of water. So since that point the week has pretty much been doing service/wading in deep mud. Its been a lot of fun. luckily everyone we know is still safe. some of the other parts of the city got it really bad and they’re still trying to clean out all the mud/contaminated water that got washed into the city. We just found out a few hours ago that tomorrow and thursday its supposed to rain again, but this time instead of just 30cm of rain its going to be about 85, so my life for a while is gonna be a lot of service! hanks for all your emails! chau


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