Hola Familia! this week was pretty much more of the same! sorry to not really have anything exciting to talk about this week! things are moving pretty slowly in the office, on the bright side i get extra time to study and play the piano. Everythings going well here, After a brief scare we found out today that subway was not closed down for good causing a celebration among american missionaries. I bought a pair of shoes for 900 pesos (a real bargain down here) and we made some amazing cinamon rolls! anyway ill talk to you all later!



Hola a todos! hi everybody, how i everyone i hope its good! So this week i donĀ“t really have that much to share, This week, because of the movie filming work, me actually working in my area was limited to… bum bum bum! 3 hours. ALL WEEK. So movie work is fun but its kind of killing me to be an office missionary… I just want to go out and talk to people and teach but im stuck inside all day not really doing much. But in those three hours i found some brand new investigators so in short, im bored, god still makes miracles and being a missionary is tough sometimes! love you!