Hola familia! what a long week, you don´t realize how much longer the week gets when you don´t get any time to write! sooo lets get into this week and what we did. MOVIE STUFF so thats about it. we´re not doing almost any work in the area because president has us almost completely on movie duty. So that means this week i was doing a lot of sitting and helping out on the computer! im basically an office missionary at this point. hmm other experiences that were awesome were, i turned into gringo messi this week and was a number one soccer pick on sports night and then during basketball our gringo squad of three went undefeated, Last night we also had a pretty fun time, we had the birthday of our district leader elder Christianson so we made him a cake and played cards and got haircuts so that is like a straight up missionary party and a half! anyway family thanks for all your emails, im gonna work hard to respond to as many as i can!


WEEK 32 American Week

So family im writing a little later this week because the cyber cafe that we normaly write at was “out of internet”

so i call this week american week for three things so this isn´t gonna be a long email!
first. this week we were walking close to the church and we saw three argentine guys playing basketball so elder miner and i decided to go and play them. annnndd we beat them pretty bad and it was one of the funnest times we´d had in a while. so now every week on wednesday we have a basketball game scheduled.
Number two. elder powell and i contacted a guy completely in english because he wanted to practice. He was one of the coolest people i´ve ever met. he was a pakistani man who studied. in cuba and then moved to argentina because it is such a better place than where he left.
Finally we heard a rumor this week about a recently opened subway right here in comodoro and we got to go there this pday! it was fantastic and tasted EXACTLY like american subway. except none of the employees had ever even seen a subway before so it was a little slower anyway it was pretty dope, chiao!