hola familia this weekwas realy busy and also a large change for elder powell and i. we are starting to really get into the writing of a large 30 minute training video for all the new misionaries that will come into the mission for the next three years! so right now we´re doing different work than i´ve done on my mission. mainly we´re doing a lot of brainstorming and writing. (so far i´ve writen two original songs in spanish) so investigator and experiences wise things are a little bit slower this week. this week we were able to bring a man named julio and his family to a baptism that we had on saturday. he says he really wants to go to church and tht the only thing stopping him is that he dosn´t have a car to get to the chapel and he also doesn´t like people coming to pick him up. soooo we kinda had a long lesson about how the lord commands us to places and we have to just figure out how we´re gonna do it but theres always a way to acomplish it. then we told him that we walk everywhere and he needs to just suck it up and go to church. so we´ll see what we can do for him! anyway chiao!!


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