Week 23 Dia De Accion De Gracias!

hi fam, alright here we go. this week was super good! we found 5 new people to teach which is definitely a personal record! but first the food. so on thanksgiving day we recieved a cal from the zone leaders saying that on friday all the gringos would be cooking a thanksgiving feast for lunch (cause the big meal they eat is lunch here if you forgot). so that day we made tons of improvised stuff cause you can´t just go to the store and buy stuffing or gravy or a turkey. which im sure sounds really milenial of me but hey none of knew how to cook thanksgiving things! but it turned out good and it was super fun! so heres an experience that i had when i was contacting with elder Ross in my area this week. So we had already contacted about 15 people and none of them were receptive if not aggressivly against hearing our message. so i was pretty tired of contacting so i threw my arms up and yelled at the sky, are we not doing our part?? where are the prepared people? so the next house we knocked on this lady answered the door and before we could even talk she said oh elders would you like to come in? so this lady is super cool, her name is Ayalen (pronounced ashlyn here) and here granparents were members in trelew (another city in the mission) and when we brought out a book of mormon she was like.. wait a minute… and ran into the back of here house and pulled out a signed triple that here grandma had given her. the whole experience was really humbling! but thats what we´re up to! I love and miss all of you!


Week 22

hola familia! not a lot to say this week! unfortunately im probably not gonna be able to send any of the video journals because to upload one of about 3 minutes takes an hour and a half! sooo too long. we had a good week this week including but not limited too: primary programs contacting walking many lessons with less active ladies, walking, getting beat at soccer and walking! but really everything is going good here, we´re really trying to find more people to teach because we only have one person thats progressing and they want to move their baptism till later! thanks for all your emails and prayers!

Week 21 video journals!

Hi family! so this week i had a few realizations. 1. i really really have a hard time writing in ajournal. 2. I really really need to keep some other kind of record of what im doing here soooo i started making a video journal! so far its going way better than keeping a written journal and bonus i can send it to you guys with the wonders of the internet! so heres what im gonna do along with all my pictures is im gonna make a google drive account and put all my pictures and everything in there and then share it with everyone so hopefully there won´t be any more problems seeing pictures! woo. alright this week! this week we really focused on sharing the book of mormon as a whole mission. so we contacted with it and shared scriptures solely from the book of mormon and gave out all the books that we had in our appartment. so we already have seen awesome things from that! another thing we started doing was keeping track of all the key indicators wich before in the mission we weren´t doing this started about 2-3 weeks ago when first i brought up in a district meeting that we have all these indicators for a reason and we should be keeping track of them (for example we weren´t asking for any references or anything) then a week later in zone conference the zone leaders announced that we will now be keeping track of all the key indicators. Coincidence?? i think that probably yes it is. Alright so miracles we saw with asking for references are many and we actually recieved at least 1 good reference every time that we asked wich i think is pretty cool. but here is the number one experience of the week: so we had a lesson with a sister that just got out of the hospital and we went to check up on her. after a lesson (and a delicious pineapple), we were just about to ask who should say the prayer when i remembered to ask for references, so i did that and she said wait here. so she went into the back of her house into an area with little apprtments and brought a guy and said this is Jorge, teach him. so we tought another really cool spiritual lesson with jorge and as it turns out he really needed a book of mormon, which we just happened to have a lot of (thanks book of mormon week). Anyway family im gonna go try and upload all my videos to the internet and read your emails!

Week 20

Hola familia! how is everyone? my week here was pretty normal. Just working and studying and doing lots and lots of walking! cool things that happened this week: so at the start of this week we pretty much didn´t have any lunches to speak of but just over the course of lessons with less actives and members they would say hey can we give you a lunch this week? and of course we said yes! lets see i had a revelation about contacting which is if you have a goal to contact 15 people then you´re probably gonna have about 14 really hard contacts where nobody wants to talk to yu and then you´ll meet one really nice lady who wants to talk and wants you to come back! or if not you´ll run into a less active and can set up an appointment but either way the hard work isn´t going unnoticed. this week kinda felt like nobody was home all week. we walked more this week then i think ever before in my life. my feet have absolutely huge callouses. the bright spot for us right now is an investigator named Federico who took the lessons before with some other missionaries but didn´t like them too much because he felt like they were just pressuring him to get baptized. so after three lessons with him it was really hard not to invite him to get baptized but when we did he was like ya sure thats a pretty good idea! so he is really awesome and he likes to meet with us a ton so we can really make sure he knows that he´s prepared before his baptismal date on the 19th! thats all ive got generallyt this week family! love and miss all of you!