WEEK 19 Our New Band

hola familia! This week was pretty good!
Good things include:

.Me and my new companion get along!!! Wooooooo! I´m pretty excited for that because it makes life so much easier. Elder Lopez is an Argentinian from Buenos Aires (the province not the capital(don´t you dare mix it up)) He has 18 months in the mission and has had a total of 9 gringo companions! so nothing new for him! we both really like playing the piano and we ate really well this week! we had milanesas every day and just a ton of food wich i also love. even so people keep telling me that i get skinnier every time i see them hurray for exercises.

We had a couple of really cool experiences with finding people to teach this week. the guy from last week Federico is really awesome and was really really determined to meet with us. We kept having things come up and we couldn´t make an appointment and so he kept offering suggestions for when we could meet and basically he´s the best! the only downside with him is that he doesn´t want to put a baptismal date because he doesn´t want to feel pressured but he is really ready to be baptized we can tell! the next is we were walking and this lady pulled up to us in her car and told us that elders had come by her house and told her they´d come back and they didn´t and she needed a teacher! awesome. we can do that too! downside is they just want to learn english so we´re gonna have to transition that a little bit to eternal salvation but oh well!
chiao for now family!

WEEK 18 Transfers

Hi family! so this week was bum bum bum! transfers! we were in a lot of anticipation this week while we waited to hear if Elder Teixiera was leaving or not. So as it turns out he left for Rio Grande this morning and i am waiting for the arrival of my new companion, Elder Lopez! all i know about him right now is that he has about a year and a half on his mission and that hes from Buenos Aires. So ill let you know how its going next week!

Other things that happened this week: Elder Teixeira was sick for a few days at the start of this week because of the asado we ate last p-day. One of the missionaries dumped a bunch of oil on the grill so everything got burned on the outside but was still raw on the inside buuuut we ate it anyway because we´re missionaries. While he was sick i ended up going with elder Kidd one day to work in his area (Elder Kidd is going to Puerto Madryn tonight and his new comp is Elder Miner my MTC companion!). Our sunday was good this week, we a family or two come and also a man just walked in and said hey ive got a girlfriend that goes to another ward and i´d like someone to teach me, can you guys do that? So cool. really people are being prepared for us the problem is that the Lord is really good at hiding them sometimes.


We saw the velazquez family a lot this week bacause Elder t was sick so we got to take a lot of pics! I think for my Visa I´ll only have to go to comodoro maybe one more time im not sure though nobody really told me! I have my passport in my pension with me and i just take it with me when i need it! there bbq was fun but it made and elder (my comp) and a sister sick cause it was pretty raw! most of us were fine though so oh well!

So bowling here is fun but there aren no machines, there are just two guys in the back setting up all the pins and returning all the balls and then you keep your own score on a piece of paper!

im staying here for transfer day maybe for one transfer after this who knows! so for christmas i could be here or i could go to a new area I don´t know yet. Ya the branch is still pretty lame in general.. in this transfer which is 6 weeks we had 0 or 1 member present lesson which is absolutely awful. and its rediculous trying to get people rides to church.. there was a lady who was all ready to go that got left because the guy who went to go pick her up told us he couldn´t find the street. except we know that he´s been a taxi driver here for 15 years so we aren´t sure what happened.

…. everyone here right now is asking me about donald or hilary! they all think hillary is gonna win, im not sure what the press is reporting or whats gonna happen though.

The meat here is generally in a bbq which is like a sideways metal barrel on a stand and they cook it over coals so its slow and delicious, or they just fry it or put it in the oven. i dont think they have any crock pots, up until 6 months ago you weren´t alowed to buy foreign(how do you spell that word) products here so everything is basically argentinian made or bought in Chili which has american products so generally quality here is low too


Hi family! Another great week.. On monday after p-day a lot of the missionaries that arrived here with me and i went up to Comodoro to do some paperwork for our visas (I think, they didn´t realy tell us) anyway that was a really fun trip! so we took a bus all the way up which is about 12 hours and then filled out paperwork on tuesday and then left on tuesday night for a nother 12 hour return trip. So when we got back home on tuesday at around 9 in the morning i was pretty exausted and was really looking forward to a shower and a nap! Thats when my comp told me that there wasn´t time because we had a service project in a less actives house… So i did get to shower but after that we left for the service project! Lets see other things that happened this week. we had a district conference this sunday and none of our investigators showed up which was kinda rough. we´re still really struggling to get help from the branch here. We called a bunch of people before church to try and help us but they either didn´t answer or didn´t want to help us out. in the actual conference all the messages were great and the spirit was really strong. this p-day (because its the last pday of the transfer is called “super p-day” so we try and do something extra fun as a zone. this time we´re doing a barbeque and then going bowling! I don´t know where but i assume in a bowling alley. ANYWAY Seeya later!

WEEK 16 Hola!

Hola familia! lets get right to the important stuff! I ate fideos (noodles) every single day this week…  Anyway! this week was really good, i feel like now i can more or less say the things i need to in spanish, I made a lot of progress spiritually and things are going well with companion relations! So coming up in this letter is: 1 untactful moment (thanks to my brand new spanish capacity) and 1 cool eperience from this sunday!

     Untactful moment: investigator: I study the bible so i know that even if we repent we have to be punished for 1000 years in purgatory, no matter what! Companion: what to you think Jesus did for us then? Investigator: Nothing really. Me: I really dont think you understood the bible..
     sunday experience: So this week we were trying really hard to get people to go to church this sunday. We called three members to help us try and pick people up but they didn´t answer or couldn´t help us. We had sme investigators cancel and another guy we went to go find and us knocking on his door woke him up! So at this point we just had to go to church but still we didn´t have anybody to go with us. So we decided to go pretty far out of our way to pick up a guy named jorge whos in a wheelchair. So now we were late to church, we only have one guy with us and we had hit so many dead ends that i was thinking, “Great, i just pushed a guy two miles to church, im tired, im hungry (fast Sunday) I feel like we´ve done our part and aren´t seeing any results and on top of it all we aren´t gonna miss the sacrament!” So we rolled in the door probably 10-15 minutes late and it was in the middle of the sacrement hymn. And the chapel was absolutely full of people! Almost all of the less actives that we had visited showed up, families that we hadn´t been able to meet with this week, it hit me really hard that we only get the blessings after we do all we can. what matters most is what we do after we think we´ve done enough and after that we see the results. All in all with less actives and investigators just from our area this sunday we had about 16 people in the chapel. thats all for now family! I love and miss you all!

WEEK 15 Conferencia Genial (Awesome Conference)

Hola familia!

     So first things first! I ate the best food I´ve ever had in my life this week! On tuesday we had an asada (BBQ) with a less active family. And remember that BBQ that made me run from dogs? my comp basically told me that that one wasn´t worth eating. And now I believe him! It was rediculous and 6 courses. the first course was meat that he said came from the Anonima (walmart more or less) and it was the best steak i´ve ever had. number 2 was the short ribs of that cow and bread that he had cooked over the meat. course three was meat that he said he bought at his butcher and wow. So much better than the first! 4 was the short ribs of that cow and more bread. 5: Course 5 was meat from a cow that in his words “he met this morning” And thats when my heart exploded. just kidding theres still another course! which was short ribs, bread and a lamb.. So long story short i ate too much meat and i ate a leg of lamb that still had hooves.

     Anyways Conference! So we watched conference this weekend of course and it was so good! We had a little room in our stake center that all the missionarys that speak english could watch in english which was super cool! I loved all the talks except for one (you´ll have to guess which) top talks organized by session according to me: Saturday morning: Uchdorf Cornish and Anderson. Sat afternoon: Cook Christofferen Oaks. Priesthood:All Sunday: Nelson Eyring Bednar Rasband Renland. Wow thats a lot! So cool experiences from this weekend! about in the middle of priesthood session (that ends at about 11´oclock here) I realized that conference is probably always this good and the thought of all the time i´ve wasted not listening made me really sad! next at the end of conference I was absolutely exausted in every way wich was really cool,Finally this week like president eyring did in priesthood session Id like to thank some of my priesthood role models, Dad, Bruce and Bowen for helping me not feel like just a dumb kid but like someone with potential who had real ideas and wasn´t just a dumb Kid! Chiao for now family!

WEEK 14 Dame la mancha!

Hi everybody! so this was a really good week! not overly eventful but fun for sure. Elder Ross and i this week had a lot of time together and just him and I put two baptism dates, and tought a bunch of lessons and met lots of new people that we can´t understand! So this week my companion Elder Teixiera went back to his last area for a day to baptise one of his old investigators there so I spent another day in trio with Elder Kidd and Ross, we had a lot of fun too and had one of the weirdest contacts ever! so we were walking back from lunch and we just decided to take a random road to get to our next lesson and on the way this lady called to us from her front lawn saying, “Hey are you the mormons? How do i join your church? So went over like super ready because this lady sounded super prepared, and so when we got a little closer we could see that she had about 50 neckalaces on with all sorts of weird symbols like an illuminati triangle and the biggest cross necklace ive ever seen and a Shiny red shark tooth looking thing and tons of weird stuff and so right away we were kind of on alert for a little bit of weird. So she started telling us about her friend on the Facebook who sends her information about our church and about how she should read our books, So we were like Perfect! would like this book of mormon? and she said, “No thats all right I´ve already read all your mormonic texts I don´t need this new one!” So anyway she started talking about good angels and evil angels and tons of other weird stuff until the police showed up (thats why she was outside I guess?) and then we left! super fun. This week Elder Ross and I also went to the district choir and I got made the pianist, wooo. So thats stresful because of how I can´t play hymns on the piano! If you´d like to know how we sound as a choir just picture your stake choir then imagine that it only had 20 people and that also their all tone deaf! So basically its really fun. On the walk back i got to play tag with two kids who are 5 and 2 and the 5 year old was exactly like Luke! it was crazy, he just wanted to run and not really play even though it was his game, so I would be it or in other words “have the mancha” and he would come up to me and say, I just like to be it so I can chase you, dame la mancha! (give me the Mancha!) or (Tag me!) So that was really fun and i only had to save the 2 year old from running into the road twice! Thats all I´ve got for now! I love and miss you all!