WEEK 13 Galeano

Hola Familia! So this week was aboth awesome and de la basura at the same time.Heres why:

     First the good: This week we were in a trio with elder Galeano . Galeano is paraguayo, he speaks Guadani´e which basically is the language of the Lamanites. Super cool. the three of us talked a lot and had a lot of fun through the week. This week I felt saw and heard a huge jump in my language ability. I actively partcipated in conversatins about multiple topics. Including: How to take over and succesfully run California. Diverse ways to find and marry un Gringa Rubia and auto manufacturing. And this week I gave a full talk in sacrament meeting from memory and all in spanish of course. This week I learned a ton! We had some great practices with the assistants, and interviews with president Salerno, plus as my language develops and i feel more comfortable i´m starting to be more like myself again which is good.
      Now here´s why i think this week wasn´t so good. Effort and settling for mediocrity. This week we had decent numbers in almost all our catagories and even had 4 people attend church this week. But at the same time i feel like missionaries we´re living so far beneath our potential . I feel like we can do so much more. I feel like there´s a lot of time we could use more effectively and I feel like i can´t do anything to change what we end up doing. I could list a ton of different areas where we could improve but i only want to share 1 as an example. My talk this week. By all the feedback i recieved my talk was good. People understood me and felt the spirit. But i don´t feel like I gave 100% effort.  I don´t want to do good things i want to do great things and when we waste time it takes us farther from great things. I think because of this principle of efoort i ´ve never felt really satisfied with any musical performance I´ve had, with any talk in church, any paper in school. There are so many examples in the scriptures where the price of exaltation is everything we have. We have to give everything to god. all our heart might mind and strength. My favorite example is Lehi. the lord asked and he did it. He gave up everything for his family and for god. So because of this heres my goal. And my invitation. Every day reflect and look for ways that I could´ve given more of myself. Did I do everything possible to accomplish my goals and I think if the answer is yes we can always feel satisfied with our results! Chao for now!

WEEK 12 The Gringo Division

Hola Familia! Another great week in Rio Gallegos! This week was really eventful because we had zone conference, Divisions and today is transfers. Only one of our sisters is leaving from our district but everything else is gonna be the same as last transfer. So this week we focused on two of our investigators who are really cool, Diana and Daniel. Diana is a single mom with three kids at 9, 3, and 2. We found her street contacting in the middle of the city and she was worried because she lived really far from where we talked to her but it ended up being only two streets away from our house!. Anyway while we were waiting for her bus we taught her almost all of the plan of salvation and it was really good so later in the week we taught her the rest of lesson 2 and all of the resteration. She was really interested and also had lots of questions like, can i keep all of my piercings? or If i get baptized am i really gonna have to pay tithing? So, she didn´t come to church this sunday which was dissapointing, but she still seems really excited especially about the nursury so she can get a little break from her kids! Next is Daniel whe is just a single guy that we also found contacting. we´ve only had one lesson with him but he accepted all the things we taught and he came to church which was really great and he liked it a lot. I think our biggest challenge with him is that he doesn´t seem to have much faith in god at all. But this Sunday was really good for that. In gospel principals we had a lesson all about the charecter of god and how we can get to know him . then it was funny because before the next hour just talking in the hall Daniel said something like, “No i don´t really want to get married ever” then priesthood was all about the importance of eternal marriage!

     Other fun things: Zone conference was this week on saturday, that was great, I always love to talk with all my old friends from the MTC. and we learned a ton at this conference too! Alright its time to tell you about the gringo division! (I know you were excited cause the tittle)  So because this was the end of our first transfer Elder Ross and I went out to teach without our trainers! Kind of like a trial by fire, but with more spanish. I think it happened more because our trainers are sick of us and wanted to have a division with each other but it was really fun and we were able to teach some really good lessons! Anyway thats it for now! i love and miss you all and I`m excited to start my Second Transfer!

WEEK 10 Feliz cumpleaños a mi

Hola familia!

     Wow this week really flew by. All the days are starting to blur together. I swear almost of my conversations this week were exactly the same. “how old are you turning on your birthday?” “19 hermana” “oh que chiquito!” “sí hermana gracias” over and over again. But everythings going good here. I´m close to understanding people which means I´m close to being a helpful missionary. right now basically I try and understand whats happening in lessons and then talk when my companion kicks me under the table or eeverybody looks at me all at once! So we had some fun stuff happen in lessons this week with an investigator named Joel (pronounced Joe-el) where we tought for about three hours. So first of Joel is as they say here un poco snake. Which means someone who is trying to find a way to join your eternal family. So the hermanas had contacted him and so we had to talk a little about why he couldn´t keep texting and calling them. then we listened to 30 minutes of chirstian music (2 songs) anyway it ended well when he decided to pray until he knew that he should be baptized in our church. So after 15 minutes of kneeling we got the fecha! hooray. Other highlights include lots of old ladies who like me a lot here and my birthday! On my bday we had splits with the zone leaders and we had cake at the house of the people who are hosting us. It was pretty hard not to feel homesick.. but today me and elder kidd another elder from my district who is a saxophone playing music major are gonna go buy me a birthday present at the music store here! Adios for now familia!