WEEK 9: 19

Happy Birthday Ben! Got these pictures from the family he is staying with in Rio Gallegos, Argentina.


WEEK 8: A large letter for a long week

Alt. Tittles

I´m dreaming of a white august

when it rains it drizzles

The best beef pork chicken dog and lamb BBQ I´ve ever had

New missionaries are silent as they walk and walk and walk and walk.

No entiendo! and other useful phrases

New land speed record for man in suit

Hola familia!

Another great week in Argentina! First the highlights! this week we had a tsunami in our area! (not that kind)This kind is where all the missionaries in the zone contact in our area for two hours. this resulted in 4 baptismal dates (so far) and a mountain of appointments. Next! After last P-day I was startng to wonder “How can a place have su much mud but never have any rain?No sooner had I finished that thought then it rained! For three straight days. Not a downpour but a constant freezing windy drizzle! Unfortunately my umbrella broke within 20 seconds of first use! ¡Ya fue! but en serio the only think more broken than my umbrella are my companions pants. Thats a fun story! each friday we have a sports night where we invite all the investigators to come and play soccer in the church gym with us. So we ended up having to come straight from a lesson. Side note: If you get an elderly catolic lady talking about god (Trigger phrases include but are not limited to:Do you have a moment to here about Jesucristo? Crazy whether today and Hola) She will not stop, she will not pause, she will not come up for air for at LEAST an hour! Anyway because of this we had to play sports in our proselyting clothes! tons of fun! and a huge hole in my companions pants!
Back to the whether! After the rain finally let up (Friday Night) i was excited because we got to do some service for our investigator Carmen (Really old, Really cute, Can´t understand a word that she says)  so we wake up on saturday and BAM! More snow than Christmas Morning (Especially because christmas is in the Summer here). Still a great day of service! That brings us to sunday! we had so many people in the chapel yesterday it was awesome. Nearly all the menos activos that we had visited in the week and 3 investigators. Awesome. After that we had lunch with the familia lopez. They are So cool. When I got here they were menos activos but now they are attending church regularly which is great. Anyways the food the food the food. Oh. My. Gosh. People in america don´t know what good food tastes like. Even the dog tasted good! Here was the downside. it has a few parts.

1.When the whether is like it has been all the dogs that have loving owners and are happy and nice are inside where it´s warm. that leaves the angry ones.

2. the lopez family always cooks enough food for 3 families so we had a lot of leftovers.

3. So there i was walking through the middle of a mini snowstorm with a steaming plate full of meat.

4. thats about when a small pack of dogs rounded a corner behind us!

I´ve never run so fast in my life! (Also my compa ripped another of pants) But there was 0 chance I was leaving food that good behind! Anyways everything else is good! i´m starting to understand about half of what half of the people say and about a half of what my companion says! the work is good and going well, Adios!

WEEK 7: Planes, Trainers and Automobiles

So first thinks first I´ve had a lot of time to think about the title of this email and I decided that this was the best one! here are some alternates: WAZZZUUUUPPPP, you don´t understand the dogs. Only Bowen understands the Dogs. If only I could talk to them. Welcome to Rio Gallegos. ETC.

So thanks for all the wonderful emails! It was really awesome to sit down at this computer and read all about whats happening thats normal cause nothing in my life is normal right now! Haha so i´m gonna start with the trip down here! So I was gonna call everyone from Atlanta but as it turns out they don´t have pay phones in that airport! So that flight was fun, my friend elder Vance sat by me and gave me three advil PM´s so it went by pretty fast. On the way I talked to a lady who lives in Cordoba Argentina which was fun and she told me that my spanish was good and that she could understand everything that i was saying! So needless to say I was picking up speed to slam down the other side of the pride cycle! So once we landed in Buenos Aires, two of the elders threw away their phones right when we got off the plane. Obviously these guys in suits dropping fully functioning pones in the garbage was a little suspicious so when we got to bagage claim these security guards came up and started yelling at us in rapid spanish which obviously none of understood. They took all of our pasports and the two elders into custody and took them away for interrogation. super scary! once security understood what had happened they weren´t happy but they let us go! so after that we went and got onto a bus driven by members that took us past the temple in Buenos aires and to a smaller more podunk airport. There we waited around for a few hours where i probably tried to use my phone 1000 times but it wouldn´t work! after that we ate at a HardRock Cafe which i thought was pretty funny. Anyway! another 3 hours on the plane got us to Comodoro Rivadavia! there we got off the plane to an airport with 1 gate and 1 bagage claim and 0 heaters SO COLD it felt amazing after the 100 degree weaqther in Utah! So the mission president met us there and took us to the mission home which is where we took that picture, the next morning we had a training and we met our trainers! My Trainers name is Elder Teixiera he is from southern Brazil and speaks Portugese and Spanish. I speak English. Those aren´t the same language its been tough! Everyone that i´ve been able to talk to has told me about how cool of a guy he is and how he´s a really hard working missionary! If only I could talk to him! So at around 9 we got on a bus to take us to our new area! You don´t understand how nice this bus was. It was better than first class on an airplane on this bus i had the best pasta I´ve ever had in my life and we listened to american music. the bad news was that we were on that bus for longer than we were on the flight to buenos aires. about 14 hours. Then we arrived in the thriving metropolis that is my new area! Rio Gallegos! It´s really really fun here. Every house has (not exagerating) a minimum of 3 dogs and one of our investigators has (not exagerating I counted) 30 Dogs living in her house! thats really fun and nice because only about 1 in 10 dogs wants to eat you! I have lots of pics but there isn´t anywhere to upload them in this computer shop! The members here are so fantastic! there are three braches in Rio Gallegos ours has around 20 active members and no piano player! So guess what I do on Sundays! Nothing. Because I didn´t understand when they asked if I could play the piano. Side note Every single meal i´ve had here is SOOOOO good. the only down side is they give you huge portions and they are offended if you don´t eat a second full plate and a huge desert. Second side note. I now drink tea every day and also I eat flan every day so if you´ve seen the movie Envy you know that I´m pretty rich. All the houses here are really really small, Max of two bedrooms and it´s hard to describe but our trailer on the lake was basically a mansion. So fun story all the roads are dirt and all of my stuff is filthy. It was funny we were walking and I was thinking about how dirty it was everywhere and then my trainer said, we´re gonna go visit a sister who lives in the poor part of town! wow. It was soo much worse it was really humbling. Side note. How is it possible for there to never be any rain but everything is always muddy? anyway! I´m gonna try and figure out how to add pictures now!


Dear parents and family of Elder Crawford:

We are very happy to be the Mission Presidents of the Comodoro Rivadavia Mission, and even happier to serve together with your dear son. He arrived well.

The Lord has called us to serve in this part of the world in this time for a reason:

We must build His Kingdom in this part of the Earth.

“…and ye shall be witnesses unto me… unto the uttermost part of the earth” (Acts 1:8)

As Peter, we have left our nets to go and serve the Lord.

“And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men” (Mathew 4:19)

Thank you for sending to us a great fisher of men like your son to help the Lord to prepare this land of the Second Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

We love our missionaries and we are taking care of them like they would be our own children. We can hear your prayers in his favor.

We wish you can support him with your prayers and your letters or emails. He needs your support and love.

Thank you for sharing with us your most valued possession: your son.

With sincere love,

President and Sister Salerno


About the Presidents…

President and Sister Salerno have a daughter, Leslie. She is sealed to her husband, Alan Schraifer, and they have a beautiful son of a year and a half, Noah.

They live in the western zone of Greater Buenos Aires, in Ramos Mejía, in the outskirts of the capital of Argentina.

President Salerno served as Counselor in the Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission, Counselor in the Argentina Buenos Aires West Stake, Bishop of the Ramos Mejía ward, Counselor of the Bishopric, Member of the High Council, Young Men´s Stake President, Ward Clerk, High Priests Leader, and ward Young Adults Leader, among other callings.

President Salerno is a Pharmacy Doctor, and he also has an MBA (Master of Business Administration) from BYU. He speaks several languages such as Spanish, English and Portuguese, and some French and Italian.

He likes music, video, computing and technology (a lot!), and now especially playing with his grandson, Noah.

Sister Salerno served as Stake Seminary Supervisor, Daily and Supervised Seminary Teacher, Stake and Ward Young Women President, Ward Primary President, Stake and Ward Relief Society President, and Sunday School teacher, among other callings.

She is an Elementary School Teacher, and speaks some English. She likes painting, cooking and doing genealogical research. And above all, spending time with her family.

They are very happy to serve in the Comodoro Rivadavia Mission and help growing the Kingdom of God in the end of the world.


So! this is kinda weird because I don’t have a full weeks worth of stuff to talk about! Although a lot of stuff did happen since my last email! for example one of our Hermanas decided to go home this week on wednesday so we’ve been down a person for the last few days. That’s been really sad for everyone but we hope she’ll be able to come back out into the field when she’s ready.

Yesterday we had our infield orientation which was good stuff except for the fact that it was 9 hours long. and our teachers had already been over all that stuff a few times so it was kinda tedious. Anyway! I’m still super excited to get to argentina! probably more afraid now then in the last letter but thats okay!

I appreciated almost all the birthday wishes and cards and gifts with the exception of the peppercini’s of course! so thanks everyone for that!

It’s weird to think about today is my last saturday in America for 2 Years! i’m pumped:) Next time America sees my I’m gonna be fluent in spanish and be really annoying about how much I enjoy watching soccer!! It was really sad saying goodbye to our teacher Hermano Parker today! He’s been with us since day one and he’s the most awesome guy around, hopefully we’ll get to see him after my mission.

So today at the store I was able to buy a phone card which has like an hour and a half of talking time on it and it was only 5 dollars, so i’ll probably use the phone you sent me to call when I get to Argentina and maybe the phone card when I get to the airport in salt lake.

Anyways! If anyone emails me today I can probably still get back to them but if not I’ll talk to ya’ll FROM ARGENTINA!


Hola! how is everybody? It’s been another great week at the CCM:) Biggest news of the week: TRAVEL PLANS!!!! So I don’t know if this means that i got my visa but i really hope it does. So we leave the CCM at 8:30 this coming Monday! our flight leaves SLC at 2 and we get to Atlanta around 8 their time! then we leave atlanta at 10:15 at night and arrive in Buenos Aires at 9:20 Tuesday morning! then following that should be a 25-30 hour bus and or train ride to the mission home! Everybody is super excited to get out in the field, including me! important things to remember from this week: It turns out that Elder Vance wasn’t entirely forthcoming about his skill at wrestling. as of last semester he was ranked #16 in the nation. And he’s training me so watch out everybody. It was really funny when this really big kid last night challenged him and Elder Vance put him on his butt three times in a row with out using his hands! I would say the hardest Challenge so far has not being able to play or listen to music… I feel like theres a huge gap in my life where that stuff used to go. Along those lines has anybody ever heard of the Nashville Tribute Band? They’re basically the Mormon Rascall flatts. They came and played a concert for us this Sunday for Devotional, It was really fantastic and Momma i think you would definitely love listening to them! So another new update because of advice from Hermano Parker and also from Preach my gospel I’ve started carrying around a book to record spiritual thoughts that i have all throughout the day. My little Journal is small pink, has a bumblebee on the front and is most definitely supposed to be for sisters. Anyways I call it the book of Benjamin and It’s been really helpful! we’ve been doing a lot of talking lately about how amazing it is that the book of mormon can really answer question and one of the thoughts I recorded in the book of Benjamin about this is, that if God has been able to put half of the answer to every question in the book of mormon and if we come prepared to learn with our half then we will always be able to find the full answer in it’s pages. i think this really shows how much trust god has placed in us. And how much wisdom he’s placed in the Book of mormon.

Spanish words/phrases of the week:
a la manga= literally to the sleeve but its really an expression like Shoot! or Dangit!
Dejar la caña= literally to lower the blinds but means to put the hurt on someone, or lower the Boom.
Oh so because we are leaving before our lastP-day we have P-day This Sturday so I get to email again before we leave!
Anyways Gotta go for now!