WEEK 4 / 104

Wow! what a great week!. note: our teachers have advised us that even if you had the worst week on earth you better start all you letters home with Wow! what a great week!” But really it was a great week this week. Generally the week was the same as the others. there is really a lot more missionary training then spanish this week. Obviously theres a lot of spanish but me and my companion have gained enough facility to teach any of the lessons (we still struggle a lot with some of the commandment lessons in chapter 4 (por ejemplo la ley de Castidad) and we also struggle with the end of the plan of salvation. theres a lot of doctrine and we struggle to simplify and keep the spirit in the lesson through that part.

     It’s official! I’m really sick of the food here! Breakfast is kind of the same every day, eggs, hashbrowns, a meat. and the eggs are nearly always nasty. then theres just so much food all the time and it’s all so greasy that over so many weeks it’s pretty rough. it also probably doesnt help that i’ve had a big glass of chocolate milk for  every meal since i’ve arrived. It’s still wonderful to just get a bowl of cereal for dinner and a few cookies. (or cheesecake). This place is getting so so crowded. as people get out of high school the’yre starting to flood in. The wait for some meals is around 25 of your 40 minutes to eat! Plus if you want to get your laundry done fast you have to wake up at like 5:45 now. And thats just a little too extreme for me!
     We’ve been having a lot of fun at exercise time lately. we’ve been going out to play soccer and kickball and volleyball with the whole zone! it’s been a lot of fun! turns out I’m terrible at soccer! oh also if my life in the MTC were a movie there would be more volleyball then Top Gun! also turns out i’m pretty good at volleyball! So the new thing we do in our free time is we fill up water bottles half way and flip them and try and land them standing up. i can hit any trick shot you can think of within three tries!
     Alrighty. Spirtual time! So this Sunday elder Miner and I taught probably the best sunday school lesson ever about repentance and it was really awesome! Then we had a great sacrament meeting and priesthood lessons then at devo the presidancy had decided that instead of a speaker we would all watch the character of Christ together. That was super good as always! the real good stuff came after character of Christ ended when the next person to come speak at the stand was Elder Bednar! he just got up and said, “alright. Any questions?” So then we had an hour long Q&A with an Apostle! His message was basically Stop Worrying about it! if you are focused on yourself in any way you won’t be able to recieve any of the Spirtual gifts we need to be Succesful. We talked about recognizing the spirit a lot and he said that even if you aren’t currently feeling direct impressions from the spirit on where to go or what to do, if you’re living a worthy life and are doing all you can to be obedient then the lord is guiding your hand whether or not you realize. So stop worrying about whether or not it was a spiritual prompting or if it was just one of your own thoughts. It doesn’t matter. as a vessel of the Lords spirit you are being guided. Oh! another cool point he had was about those spiritual gifts for instance the gift of tounges or the ability to teach with power will only come when you are in the right place and the lord can pour out his spirit through you to help someone else. this was a really cool point for Elder miner and me because Tomorrow we’re teaching members in other countries (that means no english) and we volunteered to teach one of Hermano parkers converts and Friend in mexico who has gone innactive. So. lots of pressure. we really really want to get this one right and so we were freaking out a little bit but i know that through el Espiritu santo nosotros podemos recibir la palabras a enseñar y ayudar ese hermano. Another of the many cool experiences this week came in a lesson we had with Augustin. We were teaching about the first vision and elder miner All of a sudden started struggling with a point of the lesson and right a way in my head i said a prayer that elder Miner would recieve the gift of tounges and that his mouth would be filled with the words he needed. right away he recovered and started speaking the fastest most complete spanish i think he ever has and it ended up in a baptismal commitment! Afterwards i asked how he felt when he starrted just Cruising through the Spanish and he just said “I don’t know what just happened in there” but i knew.
     alrighty Well i hope everybody had a good week! Adios!

WEEK 3 – 3 down 101 to go!

Alright! end of week three! nothing super new to report. I was elected president of a secret organization in el Cribo (the crib(our apartment)) Complete with secret combinations and everything. I guess I was voted the funniest among all the people in el Cribo. So that means I got a bunch of stuff inherited from the previous president and vice president of GG (the secret organization) they gave us these sweet Nerf blow dart guns and just a bunch of toys basically. Anyway we’ve been having really great Devos. The highest church ranking we’ve had so far has been a former 70. Still waiting for that apostle!

Elder Miner and I have been getting a lot better at teaching in Spanish .
We currently are teaching 4 people, Mauricio, Augustin, Diana and Sergio. it was kind of funny, yesterday we were teaching Sergio and both of us felt inspired to prepare for and teach the 3rd lesson in preach my gospel, the gospel of Jesus Christ. That meant skipping the 2nd lesson the plan of salvation and so we sat down in the room and Sergio pulled out his book of Mormon and read from the introduction and said to us, “so what is the plan of salvation mentioned in here?” So we were able to throw out our lesson plan completely and teach a fairly comprehensive lesson in Spanish on something we hadn’t prepared for.
If you go into the google drive folder and see pictures of people eating food that’s because I take them. also that’s why I don’t have one on there.
hmmmmmm what else… Oh! so this week when teaching Augustin (Hermano Frampton) we only had like 10 minutes when we normally have about 25 and Elder Miner and I went up and taught and the spirit was so strong in that short lesson that we got our teacher to cry (or he’s a really good actor) and we got him to commit to baptism in that first lesson. So that was pretty awesome.
Alright wish list:
1. More letters or packages or emails! in the last two weeks I’ve gotten 1 letter and 1 email!
2. So we’ve been told by our mission president and by current missionaries in Argentina is that because you do so much traveling in the mission it’s really smart to have a backpack! so if i could maybe get one of those before I ship out that would be great!
3. A lot of missionaries are having their families send them little pre paid phones that they can throw away after their empty. These are for the airport so I can call and talk to you guys when we’re in layovers or something
4. Owens beef Jerky. For obvious reasons
Well Buh bye for now folks! stay Macanudo.
(Google Translate doesn’t know but that means Groovy)


WEEK 2 ¡Hola!

Hola friends and family!

Just finished another week in the MTC! This week has been really fun, we recieved three new investigators yesterday and me and my companion elder miner are really doing well. It´s a strange feeling. sometimes your english brain rises out of the moment and realizes you´re teaching the first vision completely in spanish and all of a sudden you have no idea what you´re saying. it´s the weirdest experience!

We have two teachers currently Hermano Parker and Hermano Frampton. Hermano Parker is hilarious and like the nicest guy i´ve ever met. He´s been with us from day one and is really helpful. Hermano Frampton is also just hilarious and even though both of them always speak in spanish you can really feel the spirit when they teach us. Hermano Frampton yesterday told us something really cool about teaching yesterday. So to preface we´ve been learning a lot about how it´s all about loving the investigator. No matter what you say to them you have to love them and see them how Heavenly Father sees them. So what Hermano Frampton said to us was that the moment you stop thing about your spanish, the moment you stop worrying about exactly what you´re teaching, is the moment Heavenly Father can bless you with the gift of tounges. Oh man is the Gift of tounges real! Unfortunately for us it´s not just an instant outpouring of language of knowledge but rather it´s the promise that people will be able to understand what you mean, what you´re trying to say and they will feel the spirit. And while that isn´t quite as cool in a biblical miracle sense, I still think it´s pretty awesome!

Our District is still awesome, I´ve been taking pictures of everyone but these computers are really hard to work and so I´m not sure if I´ll be able to upload any of them, Ill try my best though´. Funny story it´s really hard to spell in english now. and spanish. I´m basically good at 0 languages right now. The food has remained delicious and I continue to eat to much of it. I don´t know if I mentioned it last p’day but time works in weird ways here in la CCM (MTC) Every day we´re here feels like 2 days but last week feels like yesterday. I´m working on a pretty complicated Spirit vs. Time Theory right now. It should blow minds. Oh also I´ve parodied bohemian Rhapsody and changed it to be about la CCM it´s pretty cool. Another little personal project thingy is I´ve been working on translating my Patriarchal Blessing into Español. This Started when I noticed in my blessing that any times the words Holy Ghost we´re said it was instead Holy Spirit. It seemed to pop off the page at me because in español holy ghost is Espiritu Santo or Holy Spirit. This made me think maybe I could find some additional meaning (as well as know my blessing better) if I translated the blessing. P.S. José Smith must have been a prophet cause translating is HARD. and I know he´s a prophet for some other reasons of course.

Well no apostles have come to speak to us yet. That´s been surprising because last week we had all the new mission presidents here in la CCM to train for their missions and all 12 were here and President Eyring and Uchdorf. The only person who wasn´t here was the profeta. Well let me know if y´all want to hear about different stuff or more stuff but I´m out of things to say! Bye!