WEEK 39 rainstorm pt. 2

hi family! so first things first everyones alive! thats good right! in reality this week was pretty boring! we had about three days where we werent allowed to leave the appartment and so we just stayed inside slept a lot and played card/board games! To me it didn´t look as bad as rainstorm part 1, there definitely wasn’t as ,uch flooding as the first time. i think its because the water already had places to go. anyway other news includes, this week is TRANSFER WEEK! things are basically staying the same except for everything is changing! my friend elder febbo is getting transfered to ushuiah the end of the world to be a district leader and finish the training of a new elder, my comp elder powell is going to a place in tierra del fuego called rio grande and i dont know who my new comp is cause hes brand new! like so new he watched conference in the mtc! i should get to meet him later this week and ill be able to update everyone next week! chau family



hi everyone! so this week has been a little bit crazy! so it all started when on tuesday one of the members in our ward told us that theres gonna be a storm on wadnesday, this information was filled away and we thought, theyre probably just over reacting! aaannnyyway the next day i was in the chapel in the mission office when all the power went out and it started to rain, hard. For everyone not familiar with the normal climate of this part of argentina, its very very dry here most of the time. in the first four hours of rain, it rained more than it normally rains in four years. this means that the city turned into a bunch of fast flowing dangerous rivers! so when this started all the missionaries ran outside to see that 5 or 6 cars were getting carried down the street behind the church. So after a long wait we were able to get everyone back to their houses without any incidents and then we were told to stay inside until next notified. That next morning on thursday we got a call from a recent convert who lives a block away that told us that his house was floding and needed help. So elder miner and i decided to leave the penison to go and help clear out all the water, and there was a LOT of water. So since that point the week has pretty much been doing service/wading in deep mud. Its been a lot of fun. luckily everyone we know is still safe. some of the other parts of the city got it really bad and they’re still trying to clean out all the mud/contaminated water that got washed into the city. We just found out a few hours ago that tomorrow and thursday its supposed to rain again, but this time instead of just 30cm of rain its going to be about 85, so my life for a while is gonna be a lot of service! hanks for all your emails! chau

WEEK 37 I won the Lottery!

hola famlia! so this week was a lot more of the same old same old, but i also had some wonderful oppertunities to go out and teach in divisions this week wich was super fun! so highlights! soon after leaving the computer last week i got called by an argentine man who said that my phone number had been randomly selected and that there is now a pickup truck waiting for “elder Crawford” in Cordoba! so i used my probably only chance in my life to win the lottery when i was on my mission. when i cant go pick up my prize! anyway i got to go out teaching this weekwith elder febbo two times and that was definitely a highlight! also we were able to see three baptisms in the zone which is really good. that was pretty much my week! talk to yall later! SAM_0129.JPGSAM_0135.JPG


Hola familia! unfortunately another week with not too much to talk about! here were some of the coolhighlights! we did a service this week where the next door neighbors had a bunch of cute little puppies so we took lots of pictures! and i was riding a bike when it basically fell apart like a cartoon! anyways hopefully this next week will be a little more eventful! pictures of puppies to come!


Hola Familia! this week was pretty much more of the same! sorry to not really have anything exciting to talk about this week! things are moving pretty slowly in the office, on the bright side i get extra time to study and play the piano. Everythings going well here, After a brief scare we found out today that subway was not closed down for good causing a celebration among american missionaries. I bought a pair of shoes for 900 pesos (a real bargain down here) and we made some amazing cinamon rolls! anyway ill talk to you all later!


Hola a todos! hi everybody, how i everyone i hope its good! So this week i don´t really have that much to share, This week, because of the movie filming work, me actually working in my area was limited to… bum bum bum! 3 hours. ALL WEEK. So movie work is fun but its kind of killing me to be an office missionary… I just want to go out and talk to people and teach but im stuck inside all day not really doing much. But in those three hours i found some brand new investigators so in short, im bored, god still makes miracles and being a missionary is tough sometimes! love you!


Hola familia! what a long week, you don´t realize how much longer the week gets when you don´t get any time to write! sooo lets get into this week and what we did. MOVIE STUFF so thats about it. we´re not doing almost any work in the area because president has us almost completely on movie duty. So that means this week i was doing a lot of sitting and helping out on the computer! im basically an office missionary at this point. hmm other experiences that were awesome were, i turned into gringo messi this week and was a number one soccer pick on sports night and then during basketball our gringo squad of three went undefeated, Last night we also had a pretty fun time, we had the birthday of our district leader elder Christianson so we made him a cake and played cards and got haircuts so that is like a straight up missionary party and a half! anyway family thanks for all your emails, im gonna work hard to respond to as many as i can!

WEEK 32 American Week

So family im writing a little later this week because the cyber cafe that we normaly write at was “out of internet”

so i call this week american week for three things so this isn´t gonna be a long email!
first. this week we were walking close to the church and we saw three argentine guys playing basketball so elder miner and i decided to go and play them. annnndd we beat them pretty bad and it was one of the funnest times we´d had in a while. so now every week on wednesday we have a basketball game scheduled.
Number two. elder powell and i contacted a guy completely in english because he wanted to practice. He was one of the coolest people i´ve ever met. he was a pakistani man who studied. in cuba and then moved to argentina because it is such a better place than where he left.
Finally we heard a rumor this week about a recently opened subway right here in comodoro and we got to go there this pday! it was fantastic and tasted EXACTLY like american subway. except none of the employees had ever even seen a subway before so it was a little slower anyway it was pretty dope, chiao!

WEEK 31 meetings week

hola familia so this week we had about three hundred thousand hours of meetings! all that culminated in not very much tie to work, but i´ll try and hit the basics! first off we had a worldwide missionary broadcast thi wednesday that was really cool and ended with them changeing both what key indicators we record and also our schedule down here in south america! so for us down here we can wake up at 7:30 now! wooooooo. plus our pday got extended for about 3 hours every week! this is all super cool and new also our schedule got a whole new degree of flexibility so we´re able to do our studies during the country wide naptime that happens at mid day. other than that we had eetings with the zone, conferences with president and interviews with president, still can´t get anyone to go to church and the search for bikes may finally be coming to an end!


hola familia this weekwas realy busy and also a large change for elder powell and i. we are starting to really get into the writing of a large 30 minute training video for all the new misionaries that will come into the mission for the next three years! so right now we´re doing different work than i´ve done on my mission. mainly we´re doing a lot of brainstorming and writing. (so far i´ve writen two original songs in spanish) so investigator and experiences wise things are a little bit slower this week. this week we were able to bring a man named julio and his family to a baptism that we had on saturday. he says he really wants to go to church and tht the only thing stopping him is that he dosn´t have a car to get to the chapel and he also doesn´t like people coming to pick him up. soooo we kinda had a long lesson about how the lord commands us to places and we have to just figure out how we´re gonna do it but theres always a way to acomplish it. then we told him that we walk everywhere and he needs to just suck it up and go to church. so we´ll see what we can do for him! anyway chiao!!